As a rental agency in Sussex, Surrey and parts of South London, Clarity Property Management is proud to have a number of recognised accreditations and awards in property.

The Importance of Accreditations

In our experience, submitting our business for regular assessment and testing builds confidence.  Also, trust in those we serve.  What’s more, it enables us continually to meet the required levels of professionalism and competence that working in the lettings sector demands. Obviously, that’s important to us. And, we hope, to you.

Property.  It’s a highly competitive sector.  In our opinion, accreditations demonstrate our level of expertise.  And, of course, our knowledge.  Why are these important?  Because these are two essential qualities for a rental agency in Sussex, Surrey or anywhere in the UK. From our standpoint, in a sea of mediocrity, Clarity Property Management has the edge.

An ARLA Registered Agent

We are a fully accredited member of the Association of Registered Letting Agents, or ARLA for short.  It goes without saying that this is a worthy and notable accreditation.  Plus, it’s very hard to achieve.

Essentially, ARLA is the professional body which sets and regulates the levels of professionalism amongst its members. Awarded by The National Federation of Property Professionals, our Managing Director, Talitha Burgess has Level 4 accreditation.

Talitha has undergone training and evaluation to make sure that Clarity meets ARLA’s gold-standard Codes of Practice.  However, this is an ongoing process.  Because legislation changes regularly, we keep fully up to speed.  We have to do this – and we want to.

Question.  Is an ALRA accreditation required by law?  Perhaps surprisingly, no. Does it elevate Clarity Property Management to a much higher standard of business than non-ARLA agencies? Yes, indeed.

National Landlords Association

The NLA lobbies for legal changes in the property sector, and we’re always keen to learn more from their body of experts

Property Ombudsman

In a nutshell, being part of the Property Ombudsman scheme offers you protection should things go wrong.  Or, if you have a complaint.

The Property Ombudsman will offer you a fair and impartial assessment of the situation and aims to offer an alternative to legal proceedings.

Simply Business

Simply Business is our chosen insurer, the badge confirm our eligibility and links to our policy details for your convenience.

Simply Business

Business insurance provided through Simply Business.

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Client Money Protection Certificate

CMP schemes protect client money (such as rent and deposit monies) which is received by agents. Their schemes make sure landlords and tenants are compensated if an agent cannot repay their money, for example if an agent goes into administration. Membership of a CMP scheme is a legal requirement from 1st April 2019


Talitha Burgess won the National Landlords Association Young Woman of the Year in Property, 2012.  This award was a considerable accomplishment.  Why?  Because it was a national award and was won due to Talitha’s practice of working towards harmony between landlords and tenants.

This, and overall industry best practice governs everything we do.  Accreditations and awards in property are not easy to earn.  It goes without saying that they matter.  But MOST of all they matter – because YOU DO.

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