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An INCREDIBLY special offer to shout about: 6 months FEE-FREE for NEW properties placed with Clarity – for new AND existing clients

Yes, it’s good news all round from the team here at Clarity Property Management.

At the time of writing, not only is Wimbledon into its second week (with a lot of us continuing to work from home, just saying), we’re at long, long last starting to emerge from the dark fog that was lockdown.

As a busy landlord, we’re hoping that things are going well for you. Have you been out-out yet? At the time of writing, it looks like further restrictions are going to be lifted soon, so let’s hope that everything, including the rented property sector, continues on its upward trajectory well into the summer and beyond.

We have news:

Whether you’re a new landlord client with us, or have been with us long-term, we have a special offer which we think will be of great interest:

For NEW instructions (that is, property listings) Clarity Property Management is  presenting a genuinely can’t-miss FEE-FREE OFFER. Place your property with us, and you can enjoy a full 6 months of free full management.

 And, there’s NO SET UP FEE.

What does this mean in reality? That you, as a landlord will pay precisely £0 for 6 months from now (that is, whenever you are reading this) and expire in December 2022.

Yes, that’s zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Are there any catches and are you obliged to keep working with us, or sign up for a committed contract? No.

We feel this fee-free offer is compelling. Not only is it free – we did mention that, did we? – it will give you plenty of time to assess the quality of our service, get to know our friendly, professional team and to find out how easy it will be to work with us long term, should you decide that we’re the property rental agency for you. Don’t forget, there are no set-up costs either, so we’re hoping it will give you the incentive you need should you be thinking about renting out your property.  Perhaps you’re doing some research so now could be the time.

As well as fee-free, it’s also risk-free, of course, as you’re not obliged to stay with us. But we think that you may want to:


Speak to a member of our team on 01273 253 000

After 6 months

After 6 months, there’s more excellent news: a reduced 7% & VAT for full management will apply on the remaining term. With no hidden charges, or extras of any sort.

We have outstanding attention to detail, of course. Property is our expertise. However, should you decide to continue with Clarity as your rental partner, there are very few Ts and Cs for you to worry about, and certainly nothing complicated. Simply refer to the Ts and Cs on our website for more information; of course, we’ll forward you our terms to be agreed prior to the instruction.

Are you in?

Give Ted McKechnie a call on 01273 253 3000 for more information and for a valuation.

Full Management Service from Clarity – What does it Involve?

Our full management service includes, but isn’t necessarily limited to the following:

  • Tenant-find service, including all marketing
  • Accompanied visits to the property – you don’t need to travel to show the applicant around
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Full, robust referencing and credit checks
  • Full deposit administration
  • Full property management and maintenance. If something needs fixing, we’ll organise it and make sure it goes smoothly
  • Advice, guidance and trouble shooting should things go wrong
  • End of tenancy administration

Why Place Your Property With Us?

The reality is that the rented property sector is heavy with rules and regulations for landlords, aimed primarily at making sure that your tenants stay safe.  In other words, it’s much harder to be a landlord and stay within the law than it used to be.

You may already know that your legal obligations change regularly. Are you totally up to speed? All the time? There’s paperwork, too – quite a lot of it.

The Solution is Clear

Our Managing Director, Talitha Burgess, has a forensic understanding of the property sector, as well the legal “nuts and bolts” that come with renting out your flat or your house. There really is no substitute for this type of in-depth knowledge. Why? Because our valuable advice could prevent you from making mistakes – from the basic to the more serious.  Health and safety rules seem to be the bane of everyone but when it comes to other people living in your property, you can’t be too careful.

Also, tenants can cause headaches – sorry, but they can.

All our tenants are vetted professionals, but we know that there can be issues, it’s just a real-world scenario. Perhaps they’re behind with the rent, or have caused damage. In a worst-case scenario they may be refusing to leave your property. It can and it does happen.  Therefore, should you need to act, Clarity can help you to solve matters as quickly and easily as possible, within the letter of the law. 

Yes – and we can offer advice should you need to escalate the problem towards court action to help make everything as stress-free as possible.

Just out of interest…we have no sales targets here. Our focus is on good communication, both to our landlords and our tenants. We’re looking to forge and maintain great working relationships.

So, are you looking to rent out your property for the first time? Or, are you an experienced property owner with a portfolio that includes a new property? This fee-free offer could be your decider.

Just to re-cap, then:

For NEW instructions (that is, property listings) Clarity presents a genuinely can’t-miss FEE-FREE OFFER. Place your property with us, and you can enjoy a full 6 months of free full management.

There. It’s so good we said it twice. Get in touch with us through our website, or why not give Ted McKechnie a call on 01273 253 3000?

Interested in this property?

Speak to a member of our team on 01273 253 000