The Importance of Property Management

We deliver high-quality, all-in-one property management services to landlords throughout Brighton and Sussex. From finding tenants, looking after the day-to-day issues that can arise, through to end-of-tenancy administration, you only need deal with a single agency: Clarity Property Management.

Our experience within the rental property sector tells us that people rent for myriad reasons.  And, equally, there are countless purposes that underpin a property owner becoming a landlord.

Whilst an effective way to boost your income, renting your property brings with it a great deal of personal responsibility. It’s a commitment not to be taken lightly. So, why is property management so important, and how can outsourcing it to Clarity help you?

We know the legal guidelines..

…so that you don’t need to keep up to speed with everything. It’s obvious that there are several rules and regulations aimed primarily at keeping your tenants safe. Your legal obligations change regularly. And, you MUST adhere to the law. We’re here to help you do just that.

What’s more, experienced landlords know that a single tenant can cause a great many legal and financial headaches. Property damage, rental arrears, refusal to leave the property – it does happen. For this reason, engaging a professional property management company with knowledge will most likely save the day. In other words, save you time, hassle and money.

We Avoid the Void.

The void periods, that is.

Or rather, we can help swerve this as much as possible.

How? Through determining the best rental rate and marketing your property effectively.  Also, by implementing a reliable and verified tenant screening process. Whilst many issues can be overcome, if we don’t find them suitable, we won’t allow them to rent your property.

If you don’t have experience of finding tenants, you could end up with well-intentioned, but poor choice.

Maintain the Value of your Rental Property

High-standard property management services focus on preventative maintenance. Regular maintenance checks and inspections will highlight any repairs that need doing. Acting sooner, rather than later will help you to avoid more expensive problems later on.

And on a Personal Note?

More freedom. More free time. Less pressure. Fewer worries.

It makes sense. Clarity is part of the solution.

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