Commercial Lettings

We’re professional commercial lettings agents in Brighton and Hove.  Clarity Property Management can help you to rent out or lease a wide range of commercial properties throughout the City, or further afield in East and West Sussex.

This is the informed, bespoke advice on commercial property that you’ve been searching for.

We understand the finer details of these rentals, including the changes that can, and do affect this sector on a regular basis.  In effect, we’re ahead of the curve on your behalf.

If you’re a commercial landlord.

Clarity has essential commercial property know-how. And, we’ll deliver outstanding levels of service. Starting with the presentation and marketing of your property, we’ll ensure that it’s exposed to the most suitable would-be commercial tenants on the most-used property platforms.

We’ll also conduct viewings and handle the negotiations for you. With our excellent knowledge of market rents and our attention to detail, we understand the legalities and will focus on protecting your interests as much as possible. In addition, our excellent ongoing property management service will take care of everything; from rental reviews to maintenance issues – we miss nothing.

If you’re a commercial tenant.

Clarity Property Management can help you find the ideal premises for the needs of your business. Of course, it’s important to choose the commercial property that will serve your business well, both now and in the future.

Every need is different, and renting commercial property isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.  There are numerous clauses and regulations to think about within several different types of commercial leases.  Moreover, you’ll need to factor in business rates on top of your rent, as well as myriad other considerations such as its location, facilities, parking and local amenities.  We’ll help you do this.

Not only can we source your best commercial property, we’ll also ensure that each and every stage of the search, rental negotiation and payment structure, review periods and ongoing management are taken care of.  And, that you’re up to speed all the way.

Business premises are important.  Let Clarity Property Management get everything right on your behalf.

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