On 13 May, the Government announced that it will be easing restrictions for the property market in England. People who wish to move home can do so, but the advice does not represent a return to normal. Estate agents can now visit your home in order to take photos and videos, prospective tenants are able to view your property and removals companies have been given the green light to facilitate home moves again.

However, the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved is the most important issue, and although there is now more freedom to move home, public health and Government guidance should always come first. In all instances it is important to adhere to social distancing measures and any physical appointments should be postponed immediately if anyone is self-isolating or showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Since the announcement we’ve been working hard on preparations and would like to let you know of some important changes and adaptations to how Clarity will offer our services;

Throughout the crisis our phone lines have remained open, all services have been remote, but operational as much as possible…

From 8th June our phone lines and offices will re-open for extended hours; 8am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday. All staff will return to work and all services re-introduced. This extension in service hours is to enable our staff to take the additional time and measures required in undertaking their duties and reduce traffic in the local area during peak hours. No staff will be using public transport to get to and from work.

These extended hours of service will be reviewed later in the year

Our 24/7 out of hours service remains affective as it has throughout the crisis.

Additional deep cleaning will be carried out in, and out of hours. Visitors can enter the branch for a minimal time in a Covid-secure area set up behind full height screens meaning visits in branch, where necessary, are 100% contactless. Key deposits or deliveries are left in a designated area and disinfected on arrival and dispatch.

Floor plans, videos and virtual viewings will be made available on all properties.

Accompanied Viewings will be conducted subject to strict risk assessment at booking, and on the day of the appointment.

  • Viewings are offered at the end of the transaction – as per government advice.
  • We will ensure when entering a property for viewing that any occupants within are not self-isolating or showing COVID 19 symptoms. At any stage of compromise the viewing will be postponed and all parties made aware.
  • Staff will adhere to social distancing measures throughout the viewing
  • Staff will be wearing PPE throughout and customers will be required to have their own PPE before entry.
  • Viewings will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Staff will accompany a maximum of 2 customers from the same household. Additional viewings will be made available subject to re-booking.
  • Contractors entering properties will be subject to the same risk assessment and wearing PPE.
  • Where possible, occupants will be asked to leave the property during appointments, even just standing outside during the viewing will reduce any risks. Where this is impossible please always observe social distancing

We look forward to a busy, but safe Summer season ahead. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these measures please contact talitha@clarity-pm.co.uk or call 01273 762424

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