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Frequently Asked Questions

In my Pre-Contract Agreement, it says that I need to pay the full move-in balance 60 days before I move in. I’m worried about this as I don’t get paid until the week beforehand. The payment includes my rent in advance, plus the dilapidations deposit minus the holding deposit I paid – that works out as quite a lot. I’d hoped to pay everything on check in. Can you help me?

Yes, we understand. Moving is expensive, not least because of all of funds you have to find in advance, including removal costs, and things like that.

The short answer is that it’s down to the laws surrounding property rentals, which are more stringent than they used to be.

In short, this is a legal requirement that Clarity needs to adhere to. We must allow a 60-day period to ensure that there’s enough time to check, process and safeguard the funds involved. So, receiving your full deposit enables us to protect the monies (ref Tenancy Deposit Scheme) and to generate the information that’s required by law for you to receive when you check in. This process can sometimes take up to 30 days, so to be on the right side of the law Clarity always asks for a 60-day time frame.

Do be aware that if you agree to this date in your pre-contract agreement, you will need to stick to it, otherwise you may not be able to pick up your keys when you want them.

Just to make clear, this isn’t an early rent payment – it’s only for the period of occupation.

However, if you’re concerned, we may be able to offer payment options. Get in touch to find out more.

I’m moving into a new place with friends. But, I don’t want to be responsible for their rent if there are problems. Am I protected against this?

The short answer is that you are all going to be responsible for ALL the terms set out in your tenancy agreement – including the rent, no matter how you have split it (if someone has a larger room, for example).  The words to look out for are “jointly and severally”

We’d advise the following:

  • Have an honest conversation with your future housemates to ensure that this is the right group for you. And, not just in terms of money!
  • Contact any listed guarantors so that there are good lines of communication should there be any issues with paying the rent.
  • Make use of your Clarity Property Manager: there will be a WhatsApp chat group for you and your house/flatmates for you to raise any questions you may have.
It’s the end of the tenancy and there’s damage to the property. It’s NOT in my room, though. Will I still be charged?

See the attached supporting document – My Deposits Tenant Moving Out Guide

Should you be unable to reach an agreement with the landlord about the deposit return amount (this is unlikely – only 1% of deposit protections end in disputes), you can raise the issue with mydeposits.

Mydeposits offers an impartial free disputes resolution service, also known as ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If something’s faulty or broken, how quickly can you arrange for it to be fixed?

Things can go wrong – of course.

If there’s an urgent out-of-hours safety issue, call our main office number and follow the prompts to connect with an on-call tradesman (subject to our Ts and Cs) This will also apply to anything that’s causing you extreme inconvenience.  However, with respect, Clarity will have to make the ultimate judgement call on that.

Otherwise, just call or email our Property Manager and we’ll sort everything out for you.

I want/need to break my contract, what do I do?

The contract (tenancy agreement) you have signed (even if it hasn’t started yet) is a fixed term and as such no changes can be made, or notice served by either party, earlier than the expiry date. Expiry is usually 12 months from the start date but refer to your own copy.

This is the same for Landlords; they are unable to change or terminate the tenancy within the fixed term unless there is a mandatory* breach (*see page 2 of your tenancy agreement).

However, we know things change, financial or personal circumstances mean that you may be unable to continue comfortably with the terms of your agreement.

Here are the options available to you…

Option 1(Only applies if you have 6 months+ left on your term) – Your housemates take over:

  • Your current housemates can agree to amend their rent share to cover yours. In this instance ALL the remaining tenants and any associated guarantors would need to be referenced for a higher rent share and a new tenancy agreement would need to be circulated to exclude you, in just the remaining tenant’s names for the remaining term.

    Permitted fee = £50 inc VAT

Only once the new tenancy is signed by all parties, including the owner, is when the departing tenant’s contractual responsibilities end.

Option 2(Only Applied If you have 6 months+ left on your term) You find a replacement:

  • If your co-tenants are unable to take on your rent share, you will need to find a new tenant to replace you. You could advertise your room on a website like spareroom.com, or maybe you/your housemates have a friend who would be interested in moving in? Whoever you choose, your replacement will need to be referenced and we will need acceptance from the landlord to go ahead. Once referencing is satisfied (including any guarantor if they are a student paying monthly), a new tenancy agreement will be circulated with the ‘new’ group.

    Again, only once the new tenancy is signed by all parties, including the owner, is when the departing tenant’s contractual responsibilities end.

    Permitted fee = £50 inc VAT

Option 3 – (Can be requested at any time, even in the last 6 months of your term) You need a complete break/termination, none of the named tenants on the current contract wish to keep the contracted terms and everyone needs to move out

  • We can submit a request to the Landlord whereby we re-market the property and start viewings to secure a complete replacement group / tenant(s) to take over. Your current term is terminated completely without further liability from the day before the new tenancy starts, bespoke check out arrangements are made based on your preferred release date (STC)

    Only once the new tenancy is signed by all parties, including the owner, is when the departing tenant’s contractual responsibilities end.

    Permitted fee = £720 inc VAT or the remaining rent for the existing tenancy, whichever sum is smaller.

Can I swap or change my guarantor?

Not once your tenancy has started or during a fixed term. If you wish to change your guarantor this can be done at a renewal (if available) or set up. If you are already in residence, contact us for more detail on your specific position

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