Why Rent?

In our opinion, there are several reasons why you would want to rent your home rather than buy it.  And, quite a few benefits, too.  What’s more, each thought behind renting is as important and valid as the next one.  Whether you’re a new resident to Brighton and Sussex (where have you BEEN?), or simply in need of a change of scene, Clarity Property Management is, as they say – at your service.

Brighton and Hove is a truly wonderful City.  Often referred to as London-by-the-Sea, it offers almost the same as our Capital, only with a trendy vibe.  Oh, and it’s much smaller, too.   But it has added chic, style and substance, without a doubt.

Everyone loves the beach, the Pier, the amazing independent shops and our diverse restaurant scene.

Buying a Property is Way Too Expensive

We can’t help but agree.  For many, getting onto the property ladder has become an impossibility due to the eye-wateringly high amount required for a deposit.  Easier for our parents’ generation, owning your first home could be a delayed milestone.

In the meantime, renting offers a robust alternative.  Clarity has strong working partnerships with landlords throughout the local area.  Each property has been carefully inspected and is of an extremely high standard.

You’re New to the Area

It makes good sense to assess the merits of Hangleton vs. Hove, or Kemptown vs. Five Ways before you decide to take the property purchase plunge.  As an out-of-towner making the move here, renting a property means that you’ll get to live here immediately without that important leap-of-faith financial commitment.

You Don’t Need to Pay for Maintenance and Repairs

Your landlord has a duty of care regarding your safety and will take his or her responsibilities very seriously. Normally expensive to replace, for example, you won’t need to buy or install a new gas boiler. Or a washing machine or dish washer, assuming that these are supplied by the landlord.

Obviously, you’re obliged to keep the property in good condition. But, with renting, those ad hoc costs don’t fall to you.

Renting Offers Total Flexibility

Whilst we encourage long-term tenants, renting offers you a degree of freedom and flexibility that’s harder to achieve if you own your property. Without the involvement of solicitors’ fees, renting seems less “legal” for tenants. Something to think about if you’re weighing up your options.

Keen to learn more about renting? We could have just the property for you, so do feel free to get in touch.

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